Dirk Hartel - Drummer and Recording Artist

More About Dirk

Dirk started to play drums at the age of three. 1982 he started his orchestral career at the Youth Orchestra of the Music Society Niederheimbach, followed by the start of his professional drum training at the Police Orchestra of Rhineland-Palatinate in 1983. Two years later he became a member of the District Youth Music Orchestra of the Music Society Rhine-Hunsrück.
During his membership of 6 years, he played a lot of concerts, also abroad in Italy, the former Czechoslovakia and France, among others. In the years 1987 - 1990 he passed several music exams and became instrumental teacher and instructor at the Music Society Rhine-Hunsrück.
In 1993 he joined the Rock Band MADISM. During this time he played successful gigs together with well known German bands like The Crackers, Batchkapp as well as The Spider Murphy Gang and won awards like "German Talentleiter"; followed by several Jam Sessions with locally well known musicians like Marcus Breiteneder (Hubert Kah).

In 2005, he joined the German Progressive Rock Band NERONIA and appeared on every Neronia release since.
Together with his bandmates from Neronia, Dirk is currently working on the new concept album.

In April 2017, Dirk joined the Gothic Rock Band GODEX. One month later, the first gigs followed, among others at the "Gothic Meets Rock Festival" and then in September "The Heartcollector Tour 2017" as support of the Crüxshadows (12 gigs in 14 days) in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. In 2018 he played more gigs on different Festivals (Castle Rock, Herbststurm, etc.) throughout Germany.

In 2018, Dirk founded the d-drumming recording studio to provide drum tracks for bands and other artists.

Drumming Style

Dirk is known for his timing-solid groove and his musical drumming. He does see the drum set as an accompanying instrument which gives the song its individual punch. The song is always in the foreground.

Mode of Operation

Dirk is used to play with click to prevent timing fluctuations. This is essential for drummers, especially when using samples.


Prog Set

Yamaha Recording Custom 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 22" Cherry Wood

Rock Set

Yamaha Recording Custom 10", 12", 16", 22" Deep Blue

Cajon & Percussion

Klanginitiative PROfession Studio Serie
Latin Percussion 449C Concert Bar Chimes
Millenium CP-777 Cajon Pedal
Meinl Standard Cajon Beater
Thomann Cajon Mini Shaker

Zildjian Cymbals

22" Z3 Medium Heavy Ride / 20" Z3 Rock Ride
20" China Boy / 20" K Sweet Crash
16" + 18" K-Custom Dark Crash
16" K-Custom Special Dry Crash
10" K Splash / 6" ZIL-BEL
13" K / Z-Custom HiHat
13" A-Custom / Z-Custom HiHat


Trick Drums and Yamaha Pedals
Evans Drumheads
Rohema Drumsticks
Hardcase Drum & Cymbal Cases
Tama Rhythm Watch


Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Snare 14"x6,5"
Yamaha Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Snare 14"x5,5"

d-drumming Studio


Desone S:Box ZS Recording Cabin
Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK Mixer
Beyerdynamic Mics (TG D58c, TG D71, MCE 530)
Cakewalk by Bandlap (DAW)

In the D-Drumming Studio professional drum tracks are produced, according to your requirements. You are always the one who decides on the recordings and have the major influence on the results. The generated audio tracks will be provided in the desired format for download, or if required also on CD and/or USB stick.

The prices are set per song, depending on the performed effort and are really competitive compared to a "normal" studio hour or day. Starting from the simple stereo track to the 12 channel recordings (raw or mastered), everything is possible.
Bigger projects can be realized due to good contacts to other producers. Don't hesitate to ask for it!

Live Dates


  • 26.05.2017 GOTHIC MEETS ROCK - Kierspe-Rönsahl
  • 27.05.2017 ALTSTADTFEST - Hattingen
  • 19.09.2017 Krefeld - Kulturfabrik
  • 20.09.2017 Frankfurt - Das Bett
  • 21.09.2017 Nürnberg - Hirsch
  • 22.09.2017 Leipzig - Täubchental
  • 23.09.2017 Dresden - Beatpol
  • 24.09.2017 Berlin - Nuke Club
  • 26.09.2017 Hamburg - Knust
  • 27.09.2017 Leiden (NL) - Gebr. de Nobel
  • 28.09.2017 Köln - Luxor
  • 29.09.2017 München - Backstage Club
  • 30.09.2017 Kaiserslautern - Kammgarn Cotton Club
  • 01.10.2017 Wien (A) - Chelsea
  • 13.10.2017 AUTUMN MOON FESTIVAL - Hameln


  • 23.02.2018 Kultur in der Aula - Frankfurt-Riedberg (unplugged)

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