In 2018, Dirk founded the d-drumming recording studio and deliberately decided to use digital recording equipment in order to use all the advantages of digitization from the beginning.

In the D-Drumming Studio drum tracks are produced, according to your requirements. You are always the one who decides on the recordings and have the major influence on the results. The generated audio tracks will be provided in the desired format (wave, aiff, ogg, flac, caf, etc.) for quick access from anywhere on this planet.

The prices are set per song, depending on the performed effort and are really competitive compared to a "normal" studio hour or day. Starting from the simple stereo track to the 24 channel recordings (raw or mastered), everything is possible.
Bigger projects can be realized due to good contacts to other producers like Rolf Munkes from the Empire Studios. Don't hesitate to ask for it!

In order to continuously improve his skills, Dirk is currently attending the audio engineering distance courses at the HOFA College for audio engineering.


Desone S:Box ZS Recording Cabin (check my Blog -> 1 / 2)
Soundcraft Ui24R Mixer
Beyerdynamic and Shure Mics (TG D58c, TG D71, MCE 530, SM 57)
KRK Systems Rokit 7 G4 Bi-Amp Near-Field Studio Monitor
Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphone
Focusrite Scarlett Audiointerfaces 3rd Generation
Cakewalk by Bandlab (DAW)
Nektar Impact GX49 Controller Keyboard
several HOFA, Eventide, Celemony and Nomad Factory Sound/FX/Mastering Plugins

Please check out the d-drumming soundcloud page to listen to some sample snippets!