"I am using Yamaha Drums and Zildjian Cymbals for several years. Yamaha Drums, especially the Recording Custom Series, give me the perfect sound and the quality I've always missed on other manufacturers. Zildjian Cymbals, especially the K Series, have done it to me. For me, the best Cymbals on earth"

Yamaha Drums

Recording Custom (Live & Studio), Stage Custom (Practice)

Zildjian Cymbals

22" Z3 Medium Heavy Ride
20" Z3 Rock Ride / 20" K Sweet Crash
18" K-Custom Dark Crash / 18" A China Boy
16" K-Custom Session Crash / 16" K-Custom Special Dry Crash
13" K / Z-Custom HiHat / 2x 13" A-Custom / Z-Custom HiHat
10" K Splash

Yamaha Snares

Maple Custom Absolute 14"x6,5"
Jimmy Chamberlin Signature 14"x5,5"


Trick Drums and Yamaha Pedals
Evans Drumheads
Rohema Drumsticks
K&M Drum Thrones
Hardcase Drum & Cymbal Cases
Tama Rhythm Watch
Latin Percussion 449C Concert Bar Chimes
Several Latin Percussion, Thomann and Cream Music percussions