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Since 2005 I am part of the German Rock Band NERONIA. For more informations about Neronia, please visit the official Neronia webpage.

At this point I would like to thank all friends and musicians who have supported me in my musical career. Without you I would not be where I am today. Many Thanks!!

Evolution  Off - Set  Endorser

Since May 2015 I am a Evolution Offset Endorser.
OFF-SET is a company that innovated and designed the special custom designed hardware and drum pedals. OFF-SET sets "A New Standard" in drumming and drum set up. For instance the bi-laterally symmetrical design of the OFF-SET double bass drum pedal eliminates virtually every problem inherent in the standard double bass drum pedal configuration. It is necessary to experience the product to be able to understand its full potential. The Bi-lateral configuration of the OFF-SET Double Bass Drum Pedal places the bass drum directly in the centre of the drum kit.
For more information about the EVOLUTION OFF-SET CONCEPT here.

I would like to thank Vedran Alicehajic for his efforts.

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